The Greater Linyanti Region encompasses the Linyanti, Selinda, Kwando and Chobe Enclave. Bordered by the Kwando and Linyanti Rivers the region now benefits from the flooded Selinda Spillway, which was dry for many years but is now a major attraction for wildlife and game viewing alike.

This area is exceptionally wild and seemingly untouched by human habitation, thus game viewing here can be magnificent. There are no fences in the whole region and therefore the game is not restricted in its movement. This is where you will see the vast herds of buffalo and elephant backed up by a very healthy population of predators. Greater Linyanti is one of the best areas in Africa to witness wild dogs and den sites have been recorded now for many years.

Activities in the region are wide ranging and include the mainstay of incredible game drives which also allow for night drives and the ability to drive off road when following predators. More specialised activities include walking safaris, an amazing 45km Canoe Trail down the Selinda Spillway and spectacular horse riding at Motswiri, along with spectacular boating activities.



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