The 5 top safari clients

We’ve identified 5 client types who seem to have a particular affinity with safaris and Botswana. We tailor make our travel packages to suit all five types to make your experience the best it can be.

Retirees / executives with unlimited time available

This client is the traveller with plenty of time on their hands which allows them to travel at any time of year and also for any duration that they may deem desirable. Within this category of traveller, there are three different types of safari options available:

Deluxe and Premier packages – these are more luxurious safari options, epitomizing comfort travel – this option can either be only safari or else include add on packages such as Cape Town, Namibia, Victoria Falls and/or a beach experience such as Mozambique or the Seychelles.

Retirees / executives with a limited budget

This client is perfect for our Standard and Superior packages – these are mid-range level safari options, targeting the traveller who does not have an unlimited budget, but who wants to travel comfortably while experiencing as much as possible. We tailor make your safari to suit your individual budget / time requirements.

Retirees / executives traveling with family

Combinations – these are retirees that would like to bring their families on a safari, bearing in mind that some of the younger generation does not have as much time available to travel as themselves – we can then split this safari so that family members enjoy quality safari adventures with their parents and grandparents and then head home, while the Retirees stay on to enjoy add-on packages, such as Cape Town, Namibia, Victoria Falls and/or a beach experience such as Mozambique or the Seychelles.

Young business executives with limited time available

This is the businessman/woman who has a very specific period of time to vacation with their spouse and perhaps family. We understand that this individual also needs to be in contact via internet with his business at home and would like to experience the best safari option available within a limited amount of time while retaining the availability to communicate via the internet if necessary.


These are the couples whose family is sending them on a safari. We cater specifically for couples who would like to enjoy the safari experience and perhaps combine their trip with some “beach” time.



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